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Want to know how you can donate or lend items to the Project. Well here’s the options we are offering right now…. Right now I’m offering donate or lend options. To donate an item(s) you will send it to me and I will wear/use it for the project. When I post the photo of it […]

You’ve been asking, here’s your answer… Some unique and talented designers are currently working on our black dresses (we are still looking for more, email if you are interested). These designers are lucky! Their dress(s) will be the feature pieces on this blog. Here’s how it works. Everyday for 365 days I will be wearing a […]



Welcome to the black dress project. This project is a 365 day photo blog based on a basic black dress. All proceeds from this project are being donated to Noah’s Ark Orphan Care Center in Malawi, Africa. The project will begin on January 1, 2010. If you are interested in learning more about this project […]