Donate/Lend Options


Want to know how you can donate or lend items to the Project. Well here’s the options we are offering right now….

Right now I’m offering donate or lend options. To donate an item(s) you will send it to me and I will wear/use it for the project. When I post the photo of it paired with the dress I will post a link to your website below. So that readers may purchase from your store. After I use it (i may wear it more than once) I will post it for sale in the projects online shop. All the proceeds from the shop will be donated to the Orphan Care Center.
If you choose to lend an item(s) you will send it to me and I will use it for the project and send it back. You will pay all postage. And you are expected to donate 20USD to the funds for the Orphan Care Center. (If you would like me to wear it more than once It will be a 15USD donation for everytime I wear it) Donations must be made prior to the item being used in the project.
I am accepting items starting now and probably until November 2010. So anytime during that you can donate/lend items.

2 Responses to “Donate/Lend Options”

  1. I think what you are doing is wonderful and truly commendable! I would love to be apart of this project!

    People don’t realize how lucky they really are. We may be suffering from a bad economy, but these kids are suffering from sickness, starvation, poverty and some even death. I would love to be a donator.

    In a few weeks I will be re-launching for the Holiday season, which will expand to well over 100 items. Please feel free to conact me with further guidelines and information where I can send my items to!

    God Bless!


  2. I would love to donate! What a wonderful cause and a great way to support handmade!

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