Bath/Beauty Shops


I’ve been getting a lot of questions from bath/beauty shop owners wondering how they can be involved. So if you are a bath/beauty shop owner here is a few way you can be involved in the project.

Donate an Item

If your products are nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow. I can still model these items in a photograph. You will have to send the item and a trial version or sample size so that I can model it without using the actual product.

Here is how our donation process works for a normal seller: 
To donate an item(s) you will send it to me and I will wear/use it for the project. When I post the photo of it paired with the dress I will post a link to your website below. So that readers may purchase from your store. After I use it (i may wear it more than once) I will post it for sale in the projects online shop. All the proceeds from the shop will be donated to the Orphan Care Center.
This is why you have to send a sample version for me to use. Because I will still need to sell the regular item.
You could also be a sponsor on the sidebar of our blog. Your shop would be advertised on the sidebar of our blog in a 160×60 pixel button. If you are interested in this option I can send you our media package.
Store of the week/month
I haven’t talked about this yet on the blog, we are offering you the opportunity to be our store of the week or month. You can email me for more information about this. (I will post more about this soon)

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