Jan 15


This is my second post for the “Inspired By” series. I’m happy with the way this series is turning out and looking forward to sharing another set in the series with you next month. So another outfit inspired by my little sister Sarahnae’.

Inspired By : Sarahnae’ – Age 16 – Sarahnae’ loves horses, coloring, Facebook, reading, watching Gossip Girl and eating jellybeans. She describes her style as “a little bit crazy, usually edgy with a feminine touch, and whatever I’m feeling like at the moment”.

On Sarahnae’ : Blue LOVE lace lettered shirt paired with black jeans and black ballet flats.

On me: Black Dress #1 paired with blue/green scarf. Black lace tights worn with black mary-jane heels.

*It’s interesting and a bit of a challenge to try taking the outfit of a 16 year old and channel that into a more chic adult version. This outfit was a little easier than some that are still to come. My lace tights were inspired by the lace lettering on Sarahnae’s shirt and this blue/green scarf is straight from Sarahnae’s closet. BTW- this is Sarahnae’s “goofy rock on face”. HaHa.


2 Responses to “Jan 15”

  1. 1 Ashley Stewart

    I’m loving sarah’s face in all the pictures so far. I can’t wait to see what goofy expression she has tomorrow.

  2. 2 Amanda

    Haha love it

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