Jan 20


Inspired By : Sarahnae’ – Age 16 – Sarahnae’ loves horses, coloring, Facebook, reading, watching Gossip Girl and eating jellybeans. She describes her style as “a little bit crazy, usually edgy with a feminine touch, and whatever I’m feeling like at the moment”.

On Sarahnae’ : White button down paired with dark skinny jeans and black ballet flats. Cream striped skinny tie with purple bead/metal necklace.

On me : Black Dress #1 layered under white button down with gold belt and black mary-jane heels. Striped tie from Emmahlou with pearl necklaces and cameo pin.

*This is the last post in Sarahnae’s ‘Inspired By’ series. I just want to say a huge thank you to Sarahnae’ for being my inspiration this week and being so fun and easy to work with! Oh yes…aren’t Sarahnae’s glasses so funny and cute. She is such a goof.

I’m looking forward to sharing a very fun person for our next inspired by series in February!


One Response to “Jan 20”

  1. 1 Ashley Stewart

    Crazy for sure. Every time I look at this site you guys make me want to rush to Goodwill and see what crazy, funky pieces might be hiding there just waiting for me to set them free.

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