Jan 28


Black Dress #1 layered under cream handmade shawl (thrifted). Bow pin from AAliciaAccessories. Yellow tights and cream heels.

*This little bow from AAlicia Accessories is so cute! It’s made of felt and net with a little pin on the back. “Every bow is cut and sewn by hand, so each one is unique! The combination of felt and net gives a gorgeous vintage look.” I have another bow like this to share soon along with a gorgeous ‘cluster corsage brooch’ that i LOVE! I can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime check out the shop! They have so many beautiful handmade brooches and necklaces.


One Response to “Jan 28”

  1. 1 Ashley Stewart

    Very cute! I love the little bow, Oh I’m so excited to get my necklace, but that looks like my shawl. If it’s not then oh well, there just so happens to be an oddly similar shawl out there that you so happened to find (creepy), but if it is I’d like you to tell me because it’s driving me crazy staring at the picture thinking, “is it? It could be, but maybe not…” You can understand my frustration.

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