Feb 12


Black Dress #2 layered under red velvet jacket. Feather brooch (made by me) and black mary-jane heels.

* I thrifted this jacket from my mothers closet. She has lots of goodies in there. 🙂 And the brooch I just whipped up with some felt, a clip, feathers, a copper jewel and hot glue.


4 Responses to “Feb 12”

  1. 1 Julie Vandewarker

    Good thing I have a lot of close. Cute out fit. Glad that I could help out. Mom

  2. 2 Ashley Stewart

    You look christmasy, which I guess kind of makes sense considering you just got 10″ of snow! That’s enough to put any one in the winter mood, either that or the why-isn’t-spring-here-o-my-gosh-it’s-only-february-how-am-I-going-to-survive doldrums. Personally, I might pick the second just so I could say the name.

  3. 3 Amanda

    Love the brooch hope you use it in a future outfit!

  4. So gorgeous I could scream! Very Valentine’s day and I love the red velvet!

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