Feb 19


I have a suprise!!! I’ve been thrifting a lot of items from my mother’s closet lately. So I thought ‘why not have her guest model’ ? Great idea right. She is one of the thrifty-est clothing shoppers I know. Most of the things she’ll be wearing over the next 5 days have been purchased from an antique shop, thrift store or were majorly on sale. haha. I hope you enjoy this little guest posting week. I know I will…I could use a little tiny break. 🙂

Guest Model: Julie Vandewarker – Julie loves being outdoors, cooking, crafts, good movies and spending time with her family. She describes her style as “Classy and conservative. My favorite article of clothing is a blazer because it looks good with everything, dressy or casual.”

On Julie : Olive colored dress layered under Black Dress #3. Cream and gold antique necklace and tan heels.

*This olive colored dress and shoes are from the thrift shop! And the necklace is from a local antique store.


2 Responses to “Feb 19”

  1. 1 Ashley Stewart

    sweet! Go mama! I knew you were always beautiful enough to be a model, and there you go, justification. Interesting matching brown with black. very classy looking.

  2. Lovely outfit and Mom!

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