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March 31


Black Dress #1 layered under purple cardigan with yellow/floral bow (made by me). Purple armwarmers ( and yellow sandals. * Ok this outfit is the perfect spring combo. Yellow and purple together is my new favorite. And these sandals are also my new favorite. I picked up these and the same pair (in orange) from […]

March 30


Black Dress #1 layered under white/black polka-dot tank. Heels from * This outfit feels a little more pin-up style. I love the ruffle trim on the bottom of the tank. And these embellished shoes are just beautiful.

March 29


Black Dress #2 layered under floral button up shirt. Gold flats and black glasses. * I like floral print and I decided to wear the glasses because I feel kind of mysterious and silly at the same time. My husband says I look like a librarian. haha. Like?

March 28


Black Dress #1 layered under multicolor pastel sweater with purple tights ( Layered pearl and beaded necklaces tied with pink ribbon and cream heels. * I thrifted this sweater from my little sister’s (Sarahnae’) closet. She picked it up at the thrift shop awhile ago. I like tying ribbons onto necklaces, they add extra color […]

March 27


Black Dress #1 layered under yellow tank with crochet necklace ( and black belt. Rubine colored tights ( and black mary-jane heels. * This outfit is so bright and fun and spring-like! I love it. Thanks to my sister Emmah for snapping these great photos of me. (check out her etsy shop.

March 26


Black Dress #3 layered over black blouse and gold sequin skirt. Gold/jewel ring and black mary-jane heels. * This is the kind of outfit I’d only wear for a night out with friends. This skirt is daring for me. But I feel like it’s easy to cover up if needed by just buttoning up my […]

March 25


Black Dress #1 layered under vintage floral night dress ( with white belt and cameo brooch. Layered pearl necklace with pink/cream beaded necklace and black flats. * I like the vintage feminine style of this outfit. It’s quite fancy old time bourdoir feeling…because of the pale floral night dress I suppose. Which is is for […]