March 16


Black Dress #1 layered under gray flowy cardigan and navy cargo jacket. Picnic plaid necklace ( with plaid fabric bracelet and black ballet flats.

* Outfits like this are just easy and comfortable. I’m debating if I want to wear green for st. pattys day tomorrow or not.

Remember this is a fun project but we’re doing this to raise awareness and funds for Noah’s Ark orphan care center in Malawi. Africa. Please click on our ‘naoc’ tab at the top of the page to read more about the orphan care center. And visit our shop to make a $10 monetary donation. (want to make a larger donation? email me blackdressproject[at]


One Response to “March 16”

  1. 1 Ashley Stewart

    I love the fact that this outfit is kind of grungy. I’ve been debating wether or not to go get a pair of ABU boots, they are free at the airman’s attic. I wouldn’t be able to wear them around here, the guys that are forced to wear them every day would never let me live it down, but for when I don’t live around a base they would be kind of cool, and very grungy. What do you think?
    P.S. watched the movie “Jane Austen Book Club” last night and it made me miss Finer Things Club so bad.

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