March 24


Black Dress #1 layered over light blue shirt with blue arm warmers ( and cream shell necklace. Floral belt with cream tights and tan weave heels.

* I feel like this outfit is kind of hodge podge. I love these arm warmers though! They are warm and cozy. Check out Delirium Kredens shop for all kinds of beautiful knits.


One Response to “March 24”

  1. 1 Ashley Stewart

    Hodge Podge always struck me as a really good name for a porcupine, don’t ask me why, and if that seems like a really weird way to begin a comment, don’t worry, it’s just me. My brain has been stuck in a rut it’s felt like trying to come up with a new Louella story. I’ll be walking around and then suddenly I’ll be incapacitated by such important thoughts as, “but why does the king care about Humpty Dumpty? What is the significance of that?”
    P.S. I like your hodge podge outfit.

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