April 28 & 29


Hello! If this is your first time here please read our ‘the project’ section at the top of the page and then come back and browse through all our inspiring outfits over the past few months. Thanks for visiting!


Black Dress #3 worn over oriental inspired dress. Neon orange tights (welovecolors.com) with black mary-jane heels.


* This dress will be available in our shop soon and these tights are in our shop right now!!


Black Dress #1 layered under white button up shirt. White ribbon belt with blue sequin vintage handbag and purple shoes.


**This sequin vintage handbag will be available in our shop soon!!


2 Responses to “April 28 & 29”

  1. 1 ashley

    That oriental dres is to die for! Corban and I are heading to Panama City this weekend with our church and I suddenly find myself wishing I had a classier wardrobe. Maybe a black dress or two. Oh well, if I ever buy a black dress I know where to come for inspiration.

  2. Oh that orange oriental dress is such an inspiration! What a great outfit!!

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