The Project



When will this project begin?

January 1, 2010 !

What’s this all about?

Please read our ‘what’s this all about’  section to learn about the project.

What’s the purpose?

First of all, the project is to raise awareness and needed funds for Noah’s Ark Orphan Care Center in Malawi, Africa. The Center is currently collecting funds toward completing a school building for the children there. Second, is to support the handmade community artists. It’s my intention to pair items with the dress that are donated or lent by handmade artists. Third, it’s to inspire everyday style. The pieces worn with the dress are intended to be affordable so you can buy them and pair them with your own basic black dress.

Why a black dress?

A basic black dress is a staple for most wardrobes. I wanted to create a union between a ‘school uniform’ style shift dress and a ‘little black’ evening dress, creating something you would wear everyday.

How can I buy something you wore with the black dress?

I will always tell you where an item paired with the dress is from. Most of the time you will see a link to purchase this item online, if the artist has a web site. The Black Dress project also has its own online shop. In the shop you can purchase donated items from various artists.

I have some old accessories I don’t want, can I donate them to you?

YES! If you have old hats, scarves, belts, shoes, jewelry, etc. you can send them to me. I’ll put your name in the listing when I wear it and link to your blog if you like. Please email me at and we’ll work something out.

I/my company wants to donate/lend you an item to wear with the dress. How does this work?

Goody! Please contact me at and we will talk about it. You can also read our ‘Donate/Lend Options’  section to learn more.

I/my company would like to advertise on the sidebar of this blog.

Please contact me at and I will send you an advertisement package with prices.

I/my company would like to be featured as the store of the week or month.

Please read our ‘Store of the week/month’ section to learn more and contact me at for details.


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