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Hello readers! I’m so sorry I left you all in the dark for so long. I know lots of you have been wondering where I went off to. Here’s the deal. I’ve been working super hard behind the scenes to try and keep to BDP going but honestly I think we may have to cut […]


Sorry for the lack of outfits around here!! I’ll be posting a big 6 outfit update tomorrow. So be ready for lots of black dress goodness! 🙂 See you right here tomorrow. **p.s. I’m thinking of posting 7 outfits once a week. So only one post for the whole week. What do you think?

April 28 & 29


Hello! If this is your first time here please read our ‘the project’ section at the top of the page and then come back and browse through all our inspiring outfits over the past few months. Thanks for visiting! APRIL 29 Black Dress #3 worn over oriental inspired dress. Neon orange tights ( with black […]

April 27


Black Dress #1 with studded belt and vintage black sequin pouch. Neon orange tights ( with black mary-jane heels and flower/feather clip ( **These neon orange tights are available in the black dress shop right now!! And this sweet sequin pouch will be up in shop really soon along with the floral/feather clip. So be […]

April 25 & 26


hello. Just wanted to let everyone know that, due to some travel issues, I am posting yesterdays photo (April 25) along with todays photo (April 26). Thanks for understanding! APRIL 26 Black Dress #1 layered under tan patterned vest with wooden bangle and tan moccasins. **This vest will be available in the shop soon! APRIL […]

April 24


Black Dress #2 layered under peach jacket with cream tights and black mary-jane heels.

April 23


Black Dress #3 layered over pink patterned dress. Pink pearl necklace with white belt and black heels.