This project is raising money specifically for Noah’s Ark Orphan Care Center in Malawi, Africa.

Noah’s Ark is an Orphan Care Center, not an orphanage. Noah’s Ark believes it is important for an orphan to maintain as many family connections as possible. The child may not have parents but still could have a remaining grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin they can live with. Those family members might be able to provide shelter for the child but not proper nourishment, clothing or schooling. Noah’s Ark offers children in these types of situations a place to eat, play, learn and be loved. The care center provides for the children’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Children are offered a chance to learn English and math as well as other important subjects in a safe and caring environment.

To learn more about Noah’s Ark Orphan Care (NAOC) click the links listed below. My Friends Jeff and Sara Ryal personal blog about their experiences in Malawi. About the organization. a blog about travels and experiences in malawi with the orphan care center.


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