About Me

My name is Stephanie Caldwell.

I’m a wife, mama, crafter, photographer, writer, humanitarian. I spend my days playing with my little one and my nights working on my many projects and such.

I like soy chai tea lattes and chocolate bars. I also like staying up very late. I enjoy photography, crochet, knitting, drawing, writing, and making things.

This project was started to raise awareness and funds for the orphan care center in Malawi, Africa.

It’s my hope that this blog will inspire you to support those less fortunate than us.

I also hope it will inspire your fashion choices and that it might encourage you to buy handmade, US made, vintage and used clothing and accessories. I hope you see that good fashion can still be affordable and that limiting yourself to basic simple pieces will allow you to express yourself in a different and creative way.

Come visit my personal blog at www.stephanie-caldwell.blogspot.com .


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